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Keeping Your Color

Keeping Your Color

The weather is turning a tad bit warmer. Soon, we will all be lounging about in the beach in our cutest swim wears. I hope you all don’t forget to be vigilant about caring for your skin. On top of applying sunscreen every few hours, make sure that you defend your tresses against the harsh UV rays of the sun too. This is especially true if your hair is color-treated. So make sure that you are armed against the harsh lights of summer and preserve your hair’s color with the help of these tips.


#1: Apply a lot of conditioner

You might notice that your hair becomes a little more dry as the air turns more humid and the sun gets a little more harsh. To keep your hair and its color protected, make sure that you keep in as much moisture to your strands as you can. Two things you can do:

  • Shampoo less often
  • Condition everytime you can.


#2: Go for a gloss

This is probably the easiest and the least costly solutions to giving your hair a bit more life to it. A gloss can help you transition your hair color to make the outgrowth look more natural. There are a lot of hair gloss trends in the market, I’m sure you can get one that is the exact hue of your hair.


#3: Or go for lowlights

The next time you visit the salon for a quick pick-me-up in color, you might want to ask your stylist for lowlights too. These things can be done on a darker shade of blonde so you get hair that has more contrast and depth.


#4: Use a tinted shampoo

It will help, also, to go for a shampoo that has some tint to it. This will enhance your hair color instead of stripping it away with every wash.

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