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Ingredients Korean Products Use

Ingredients Korean Products Use

I’m not really sure what it is about Korean beauty but it seems that they use up pretty much all the weird stuff in the ingredients. Want to know just what the buzziest ingredients are being used this year? Here is a list of those things you should be watching out for.


#1: Black honey

Last year, fermented skincare was the leading ingredient in the beauty world. But this year, black honey is definitely making headway in terms of popularity. So what exactly is black honey? Basically, this is a supercharged (twice as awesome) than your average honey. So, honey gets fermented or aged until it turns to black. Now, this black honey gets loaded with lots of vitamins and amino acids that help you achieve better skin—by supplying it with the right amount of moisture and nourishment.


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#2: Ginseng

If the fine lines and light wrinkles on your face are starting to be a bother to you, then you might want to look into products that have ginseng in them. This is because ginseng has high levels of powerful antioxidants. What they do is protect your skin against the damages that the environment—against sun’s rays, pollution, and all—that can be pretty harmful. What ginseng can do is to protect and restore your skin so you can maintain a youthful glow.


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#3: Bamboo

This plant that is native to Asia is best known for its collagen-boosting effects. If you were to topically apply it, you will notice that bamboo saps are great for keeping your skin elastic and properly hydrated. But that’s not all that I can offer. Bamboo products are a great solution to acne-prone skin too. They are best incorporated into your night routine that will fortify your skin as you slumber.

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