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In-Office Procedures You Can Try

In-Office Procedures You Can Try

The no-makeup makeup revolution has made it big since its introduction a couple of years back. And, for the most part, girls prefer to look their best without any filters needed. The best way to achieve this? With a little help from the experts, of course. These are just some of the in-office derm clinics that will get you the best skin ever.


#1: Picosure

Now let me introduce you to one specific laser that gets all the praise from dermatologists everywhere. This is for making your skin look brighter and add such a beautiful and natural glow to you. If you’re worried about the aftermath and scarring for the few weeks after the treatment, you can rest assured that you will get none of that with picosure. Your skin will be totally fine as long as you follow the extra precautions post-laser. Just try it out for yourself to know just how deservingly hyped up this treatment is.


#2: Laser Resurfacing

If you have textural issues and you find that your makeup is frequently getting stuck in between fine lines and your pores, then this is the treatment that you need. What this will do is to slightly even out your skin so it’s smooth and flawless.


#3: Photofacials

One more recommended treatment from the experts is the photofacial laser. What this does is to deliver high-intensity pulses of broadband light delivered to go past the skin’s surface without damaging your skin. This is what you will need if you have any skin discolorations that you want to cover up. Photofacials are best for evening out your skintone while adding heat to boost up the production of collagen and eventually plump up your skin. With just one treatment, your skin will be looking its best. It should be free of pigments without the unnecessary downtime.

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