• Anyone actually missing pro sports?

    From Nigel Reed@HURRICAN to All on Fri May 8 06:15:59 2020
    While I don't mind watching ice hockey, basketball, baseball, and football (the
    proper football, some call it soccer), I can't say that I've really missed it being on TV.

    Personally, I think sports "stars" are way over paid for what they do. Here a basketball and hockey are 82 games in a season. At 2 1/2 -3 hours each. That's
    246 hours a year. Oh wait, they don't actually play the whole game. Basketball is 48 minutes with 4 x 12 minutes, and hockey is 3 x 20 minute periods. So it's
    not like they're exherting themselves the whole time. Then there's practice a few times a week and they're even off for 4-5 months during the summer.

    This would lead me onto a tangental rant about how expensive stuff is, but I'll
    save that for another post.
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