• IGMs added to LORD2 CNW

    From Daryl Stout@HURRICAN to All on Wed Jan 11 19:07:00 2017
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    I've discovered that I can ADD a few IGMs to L.O.R.D. II
    Complete New World, that won't disrupt the game. These are:

    SFORT21.ZIP -- Sea Fortress. Northeast of Flag City, you
    can buy 4 pieces of the Skystaff, plus get a Moonstone (if
    you have at least 21 in alignment), along with other items.
    You have to be at least level 12 in the game to enter it.

    VOLCAN13.ZIP -- Dragon's Volcano. Board the ship at the port
    from Flag City. Upon landing, you have to fight numerous
    monsters along the way, then battle the Gold Dragon inside.
    If you succeed, you get quest and experience points, plus
    $50,000 gold.

    GRNTRGRO.ZIP -- Greentree Grocery. Get selected items without
    having to go elsewhere to buy them.

    Those are the filenames for them here on The Thunderbolt BBS.

    Of the files, the Sea Fortress goes where there is nothing
    there before it...Volcano just takes the one place of the Sea
    Serpent place at Flag City...the rest of the Sea Serpent IGM
    is unaffected...and Greentree Grocery takes the place of "The
    Royal Sheep", to the west of the Healer's Hut in Greentree.

    I discovered that for it work right under Windows 7, I had
    to set up a dummy character for node 0, then one could play
    the game as normal. However, whether the dummy character, or
    a character on one of the nodes plays, the log for the previous
    day is deleted. However, that does not affect the play of the


    ... Do not use elevator in case of fire. Water works better.
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