• Missing Q Signals

    From Daryl Stout@HURRICAN to All on Wed Oct 28 00:05:20 2020
    The Missing Q signals

    Some Q signals have never made it to the ARRL's official list. Here are
    some that may agree would be useful in appropriate situations. As with
    regular Q signals, each can be a statement or a question, depending on
    whether a question mark follows it.

    Obviously, many of these are for eyeball QSO's, and not for use on
    the air (hi hi).

    QAS - I am speaking out of my @$$
    QAS? - Are you speaking out of your @$$?

    QBA - My antenna is BIG!
    QBA? - How big is your antenna?

    QBO - Don't sit next to that guy in the meeting.
    QBO? - Buddy, can you spare some soap?

    QBS - It's getting deep in here.
    QBS? - Did I tell you about the one that got away?

    Alternate suggested by ken cubilo w8ob
    QBS - Clean the bird s*** off your antenna so you can hear me
    QBS? - Should I clean the bird s*** off my antenna so I can hear you

    Suggestions made for spark gap transmitter on QRP-L mailing list
    QCP - I am using Cat Power(From Rotary Cat Power Wheel)
    QCP? - Are you using Cat Power?

    QCW - I am going to whistle Morse Code on FM (or SSB)
    QCW? - Why are you whistling Morse?

    QDR - Damn Right the frequency is busy!} In response to QRL
    QDR? - Do you have a Receiver?} In respone to QRL

    Contributed by Don Melcher = W6ZO
    QET - Phone home.
    QET? - Has anyone called me from another planet?

    QEW - Copy is difficult due to Ear Wax.
    QEW? - Is copy difficult due to Ear Wax?

    Contributed by John L Sielke W2AGN
    QFH - This frequency is MINE! - go elsewhere.
    QFH? - Is this frequency hogged?

    QHI - I am jumping in quick to say hi, then going QRT.
    QHI? - Are you leaving after only one transmission?

    QKB? - How many knobs does your radio have?
    QKB n - My radio has "n" knobs.

    Contributed by Fred K6DGW
    QKN? - How many of them do you know how to use?
    QKN n - I think I know how to use "n" of them.

    Contributed by Fred K6DGW
    QLF - I am sending with my left foot.
    QLF? - Are you sending with your left foot?

    QLK - I am sending with my left foot and keyboard.
    QLK? - Are you sending with your left foot and keyboard?

    Contributed by Thom LaCosta K3HRN
    QNO - I am sending through a non-standard orifice.
    QNO? - Are you sending through a non-standard orifice?

    Contributed by Thom LaCosta K3HRN
    QOF Yes, I am an Old F@rt.
    QOF? Are you an old F@rt?

    Contributed by Jim W7RY
    QOK - Your last transmission was Okie Dokie.
    QOK? - Was my last transmission OK?

    QPM - Your signal is purr modulated.
    QPM? - Is my signal purr modulated?

    QRC - Warning, rag chewer on frequency.
    QRC? - Are you a rag chewer?

    QRG - You are transmitting in or near the ... (wave length or
    frequency) amateur band.
    QRG? - Am I transmitting in or near an amateur band, and if so which one?

    QRW - Means Qrp - Really Weak
    QRW? - Qrp, you are Really Weak?

    contributed by w0rw
    QWC? - Who cares? } Courtesy of
    QWC - I don't care } Fred Bonavita, K5QLF

    QWC - I have to go to the bathroom } Courtesy of
    QWC? - Do you have to go to the bathroom? } Fred Bonavita, K5QLF

    QZZ - I fell asleep at the mike.
    QZZ? - Is that a 60Hz hum, or are you snoring?
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