• Patience For The Nets

    From Daryl Stout@HURRICAN to All on Fri Oct 16 00:05:43 2020

    Patience is a virtue, but sometimes, I think that this is rare in
    amateur radio...especially in regards to checking into nets.

    There is seemingly ALWAYS a pile-up or rush to checkin -- whether on
    HF, VHF, UHF, Echolink, Packet, D-Star, D-Rats, etc.; as if certain
    ham radio operators feel that "it's the UNPARDONABLE SIN that will
    send them to Hell". There is such a sin, but missing checking into a
    net, not checking in early, or not in the first group of checkins, is
    NOT that sin!!

    Ham Radio is a HOBBY -- it should NEVER take priority over church,
    family, health, job, or honey-do's -- in the latter case, you could
    LOSE that nice new rig that you have your eye on for Christmas (hi hi).

    Not all nets do "pre-net" or "early checkins". Some will do them 15
    to 30 minutes before the net begins...and sometimes as much as 45
    minutes beforehand. It is RARE to have a net start checkins an hour
    or more before the net commences.

    Remember, the Net Control Station is devoting 1 to 3 hours of their
    time before, during, and after the net...so that everything is in
    order, for traffic, and logging. And, some Net Controls (like myself)
    are involved with nets on a nightly basis...either running them, or
    checking into them.

    Note that if the checkins are PAUSED at a certain point during the
    net, stations need to abide by those instructions from Net Control...
    such as if an EMERGENCY TRAFFIC SITUATION develops during the net. If
    the checkins are paused as the net starts, if you wait right up until
    then to checkin, your checkin will have to WAIT, until the checkins
    are resumed. In the cases of Emergency or Priority Traffic, the regular
    net schedule, format, etc. goes by the boards, until the Emergency
    Situation is resolved.

    Emergency or Priority Traffic can break into the net at any time...
    and these are LIFE OR DEATH URGENCY to those individuals involved,
    such as severe weather warnings...or for "significant weather
    advisories". Also, if and when Net Control is asking for announcements,
    this is for items such as ham radio license classes, exam sessions,
    hamfests, demos, special event stations, question pool updates, etc.

    The Emergency or Priority Traffic, or Announcements, does NOT include
    details on how your day went, and to invite others to nets. On some
    nets, you WILL be called down by Net Control, if you violate this...and
    may be banned from the net, or mode itself!!

    It's as if some stations feel that "it's an Emergency if they don't
    get Priority to pass their traffic first". To me, if you are trying to
    check in early, just to see how many nets that you can check into in
    an evening (admittedly, several do meet at the same time)...or trying
    to see how many prizes, bonuses, awards, certificates that you can get
    for doing such, you are doing it for your ego, and are in ham radio for
    the wrong reason!! While SOME nets do offer such a certificate, that is
    more the EXCEPTION than the rule.

    I am NOT going to make an exception for these (thankfully very few)
    impatient amateur radio operators...it's as if trying to butt in line
    to a sporting event. Try that, and you could be seriously injured or
    killed by the anger of others. All of the other checkins patiently wait
    their turn to pass traffic, make comments, etc. -- and to these, I say
    a hearty THANK YOU!!

    So, please be patient on checking into a net, and wait for the
    announcement from Net Control, no matter what band or mode...on the
    checkins. If you can not be patient in this regard...then you can
    either go to another net that is more to your liking...quit checking
    into nets entirely...or maybe you should sell your gear, turn in your
    amateur radio license, and find a new hobby. Again, there is more to
    life than amateur radio, and checking into nets.

    Daryl Stout, WX4QZ, Net Control
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