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    The Exam Session

    Test materials, answer sheets, scratch paper, pens, pencils, and copies
    of NCVEC Form 605 will be provided at the session. If you have questions
    on how to fill out the form(s), the VE Team will gladly instruct you on
    this. The NCVEC form 605 is ONLY to be used at a VE Test Session by the
    VE Team. If you submit the form to the FCC, it will be returned to you
    WITHOUT ACTION...making your effort A WASTE OF TIME, and postage.

    As noted, when you arrive at the exam session, you basically are either
    ready to take the exam, or you are not. It is advised that you bring a
    set of earplugs, if you are distracted by noise.

    With COVID-19 restrictions, you will likely be REQUIRED to wear a mask,
    plus wearing gloves is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED.

    If you have a medical disability (such as a vision or hearing impairment, reading disability, etc.), or require special procedures to complete your
    exam, please notify the VE Team as far in advance of the test session as possible, so accomodations can be made for your disability. MEDICAL DOCUMENTATION MAY BE REQUIRED if your disability is not obvious.

    These can be exams without graphics, or the VE reading the questions
    and available answers to the examinee....who tells the VE which answer
    to mark. The VE is NOT permitted to make any vocal inflections, or give
    any other "help" or "coaching" to the examinee.

    As noted above, those who have disabilities can contact Handi-Hams (www.handiham.org on the Internet), as they assist people with
    disabilities to learn material to obtain their amateur radio license,
    and helping with the exam itself.

    Be sure to use the restroom BEFORE you begin the test. Nature "tends
    to call" at the most inopportune times...so, if you "get the urge to go"
    during the test...BEFORE GOING TO THE RESTROOM...you MUST turn in your
    test, whether or not you've finished it. Basically, "if you can't hold
    it", you will have to turn your test in BEFORE leaving the room...and
    will have to START OVER with a NEW TEST (and pay a new fee) when you return...if you FAILED the test you were working on...whether you
    finished it or not.

    For the exam itself, you will mark your answers on the ANSWER SHEET,
    and NOT in the test booklet itself. You will either bubble in the
    desired letter, or make an "X" through it...do NOT just CIRCLE the

    If you are at an exam session adminstered by an ARRL/VEC VE Team, when
    you're given the test booklet and answer sheet, examine them to make sure
    they have the right number of questions, as follows:

    License Exam: Exam Color: Questions: Pages:

    Technician Goldenrod 35 4
    General Yellow 35 4
    Amateur Extra Pink 50 5-6

    If the VE Team is using the Exam Maker software, the Technician and
    General exams have 10 pages, and the Amateur Extra exam has 15 pages.

    Test booklets with other VE Teams (instead of ARRL/VEC) may be different,
    but the number of questions will be the same.

    If you notice pages missing, or other discrepancies, notify the VE Team IMMEDIATELY...and they will replace the defective copy of the materials in question. You will fill out the appropriate information on the left side
    of the answer sheet, where required.

    Cellphones, pagers, IPods, watches with hourly chimes, etc. MUST BE
    TURNED OFF, and PUT AWAY during the test session. While examinees with
    hearing aids may use them, any other device (headsets, books, notes, possessions, etc.) MUST be put away, until the test session is completed.
    As noted above, if your calculator has been CLEARED of memory resident formulas, you may use it during the exam...but, the VE Team will verify
    that this is the case.

    The only things that you may take with you upon leaving the test session,
    are the personal belongings you brought with you when you arrived, and any applicable CSCE given to you by the VE Team. You may NOT take any test materials, answer sheets, or any other forms from the test session.

    If you pass one test, and wish to take the next one in line to upgrade,
    you won't be required to pay an additional fee. But, if you fail an exam,
    and wish to retest...you will be required to pay another test fee, as
    noted above...if the VE team will allow you to retake the exam with a
    DIFFERENT set of questions. Whether or not you take more than one license
    class exam at a test session is at your option, and it's not required that
    you do so.

    Some VE Test sessions will LIMIT the number of retest attempts, because
    of time constraints. With most test sessions, only one (1) retest of a
    failed element is allowed. If you fail the exam for a particular license
    class twice in one session, it's best that you study some more before
    trying again.

    If you need to take a break between tests (to stretch your legs, use
    the restroom, etc.) you may do so. However, as noted above, CHEATING, IN
    ANY FORM, WON'T BE TOLERATED!! The Volunteer Examiner Team will CONSTANTLY
    BE OBSERVING ALL EXAMINEES during ALL tests, to make sure that this is
    the case!!

    There is NO RUSH to complete the test...as you're more likely to make
    errors if you do!! Take your time, and answer the questions that you know FIRST. Go back to the ones you're not sure of, and save the difficult ones
    for last. If you do have to GUESS, do it INTELLIGENTLY. You have a 1 out
    of 4 chance of getting the question right, without doing anything.

    If you leave a question blank...or mark more than one answer per question
    on the answer sheet, it is AUTOMATICALLY a WRONG ANSWER...and it could be
    the difference between PASSING and FAILING the exam!! If you have to CHANGE your answer, make sure you notate it as such. However, unless you're quite sure, your first choice is usually the correct answer.

    If you finish the test early, turn your test booklet, and answer sheet
    into the VE Team...once you're satisfied that "you've done the best that
    you can do". PLEASE REMAIN QUIET, until everyone else has finished their
    exams as well. Disruptive behavior by examinees or observers will NOT be tolerated, and the disruptees will be dismissed from the test session. If
    the VE Team gets "too loud", please ask them to "tone it down to a low
    roar", as it were.

    Per Part 97.519, of the FCC Rules:

    (d) The FCC may:

    (1) Administer any examination element itself;

    (2) Readminister any examination element previously administered by
    VEs, either itself or under the supervision of a VEC or VEs designated
    by the FCC; or

    (3) Cancel the operator/primary station license of any licensee who
    fails to appear for readministration of an examination when directed
    by the FCC, or who does not successfully complete any required element
    that is readministered. In an instance of such cancellation, the person
    will be granted an operator/primary station license consistent with
    completed examination elements that have not been invalidated by not
    appearing for, or by failing, the examination upon readministration.

    Note that unlike a VE Test Session, if you fail the readministration
    of an exam before the FCC, you will NOT be allowed to take another test
    that same day.

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