• The PCL Net

    From Daryl Stout@HURRICAN to All on Mon Oct 5 00:01:21 2020
    The PCL Packet Net will be "on the air" every Monday evening at
    8pm Eastern, 7pm Central, 6pm Mountain, 5pm Pacific.

    NOTE: The net may NOT meet on Mondays that are USA holidays.

    Sometimes funny... sometimes serious... but always interesting.

    Friendly "Hams" from all over gather here every week for a few
    chuckles, tips and tricks, and tall tales.

    Join us... you'll be glad you did.

    Connect to the PCL Packet Net in Penfield, New York...

    For HF Radio Users:
    Using 14.105 LSB (Network105), connect to NS2B-11.
    Be aware this can be a high traffic connection -
    Efforts will be made to "slow things down" a bit
    to accommodate HF connections.

    For AXIP Network Users:
    At any AXIP or BPQ32 Packet node, look for and connect
    to PACNET.

    For Outpost, Winpack and HyperTerminal Users:
    (Contact NS2B for Username and Password.)
    Using TelNet, connect to ns2b.ddns.net Port 8010.
    When connected, enter "PCL"

    For Internet users:
    (Contact NS2B for Username and Password.)
    Using your Internet Browser, connect to:

    Via Packet Radio with the Outpost program or the equivalent, if
    you can't be here in person, just "REPLY" to this message and
    we will acknowledge your callsign as an "early check-in" during
    the net.

    Early checkins can also be accomplished by email to either:

    ns2b@arrl.net or ns2b@winlink.org OR
    wx4qz@arrl.net or wx4qz@winlink.org

    Thanks es 73,
    Bob, NS2B (Net Control), and Daryl, WX4QZ (Scribe)
    --- SBBSecho 3.11-Win32
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