• D-Star And D-Rats Files

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    BROCHURE.PDF Icom Brochure on D-Star Radios. Requires the Adobe Acrobat
    Reader to view.
    GETNGPGM.ZIP Where to get the D-Star Programs and Other Info.
    LZHUF_1.ZIP Updated LZHUF program for users of 64-bit systems. Go to
    Program Files\D-Rats\Libexec folder, and replace the 32-bit version with
    this version.
    MODEVIEW.PDF An overview of getting started with D-Star, D-Rats, and
    the QuadNet Array, along with other modes. Adobe Reader Required.
    NETLIST.PDF List of selected D-Star, D-Rats, and Echolink Nets, with
    links to D-Star HF, DMR, CQ100, and HamSphere Nets. Adobe Reader required. NHCNTRPT.XML National Hurricane Center Report Form for use with D-Rats. RATFFATG.ZIP How to cure Ratflector Fatigue.
    RATFLIST.ZIP A list of selected Ratflectors, and how to enter them in
    RR_BADGE.JPG Badge for Net Control (the Conductor) of the D-Star RR Net,
    which will start on September 8, 2017, and meet every Friday, at 8pm ET,
    7pm CT, 6pm MT, and 5pm PT, on Reflector 26A. Any topic related to trains
    and railroading will be welcome for discussion.
    RTFLCTOR.PDF How to set up your own Ratflector. Requires the Adobe Acrobat
    Reader to view.
    SKYWARN.XML Skywarn Report Form for use with D-Rats.
    SMALLNET.PDF Compact Version of the NETLIST.PDF File. Adobe Reader Required. STATCOVL.PDF Creating static overlays in D-Rats. Requires the Adobe
    Acrobat Reader to view.
    THUMB-DV.PDF Thumb-DV Brochure, and the rationale for using it. Courtesy
    of J.G. Shaw, WA6PX. Requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.
    XMLCSV.ZIP Important information on the XML and CSV Files in this area.
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