• My Thursday Nets

    From Daryl Stout@HURRICAN to All on Thu Oct 1 00:01:20 2020
    You can find yours truly, Daryl Stout, WX4QZ, on this net today.
    A list of all the nets that I can be found on during the week is
    at https://www.theweatherwonder.com/elk.htm -- look for the link
    that notes "Nets Where WX4QZ is Net Control".

    Nets on The QuadNet Array utilize the modes of D-Star, DMR, WIRES, and
    System Fusion, together on one site. Go to https://www.openquad.net for details, and connection options.

    All times are in the US Time Zones. I normally start early checkins
    30 minutes prior to the start of the net. If I am unable to make it,
    due to weather, health, internet, or other issues, I will try to get a
    backup Net Control.




    Net Name: New Mexico D-Star Net
    Meets On: Reflector 55A, and the AE5HE Ratflector on D-Rats
    Net Control: Varies Each Week.
    Net Time: 10pm Eastern, 9pm Central, 8pm Mountain, 7pm Pacific
    Comments: WX4QZ (yours truly) is Primary Net Control on the 2nd Tuesday,
    and Backup Net Control on the 4th Thursday. There is a Question Of The
    Week for net participants.

    While originating in New Mexico, all properly licensed amateur radio
    operators, with privileges to transmit on D-Star or D-Rats, are welcome
    to join the net. The net also meets on the AE5HE Ratflector on D-Rats.

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