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    From Daryl Stout@HURRICAN to All on Mon Sep 28 12:51:49 2020
    Attention Delta Division Members!

    There is scam email floating about and several of you have received it.
    It is sent as an email from Vice Director Hudgens and looks like the
    text below:

    Hello [Name]

    Are you available to assist? I am unavailable now and I've got credence
    in you to take care of this. I would have called your phone but I
    presently do not have access to my mobile phone.

    ARRL-Delta Division needs some gift cards for donation to Veterans at
    Hospice and Palliative care units for preventive items from Corona
    Disease (COVID 19). I am liable for reimbursement. Need more info?

    Ed Hudgens
    Vice Director
    ARRL-Delta Division

    Again, the above email is a SCAM. Immediately delete it and DO NOT

    Thank you.

    73 SRI

    DE K5UZ
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