• Postings Change

    From Daryl Stout@HURRICAN/TBOLT to All on Fri Dec 1 00:16:52 2017
    I've decided to make the following CHANGES on the majority of the autopostings from The Thunderbolt BBS. This post will be made on a
    monthly basis.

    I personally do NOT consider messages over 30 days old to be
    "timely". However, with several who follow the echoes regularly,
    noting that "they can remember stuff from a month ago", I'm going
    to instead ZIP the posts into a file, for folks to just download
    from the BBS, in the particular file area.

    The EXCEPTIONS to this will be as follows:

    1) Today In History -- These are recycled on a yearly (not monthly)
    basis. They include:

    A) Selected Classic Burma Shave Ads.
    B) Weather History (data after 1990 is partial).
    C) Pun History (from the book "Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down", by south
    Florida TV meteorologist Bob Weaver.
    D) Selected Daily Bible Verse.
    E) Random Quote.
    F) Random QWK Mail Tagline.
    G) Selected Blooper.

    2) Latest News from the Sophos Naked Security Blog -- covering
    viruses, malware, spyware, ransomware, security issues, etc. These
    are normally received Monday through Friday, U.S. Central Time.

    3) Ham Radio Bulletins from Amateur Radio Station W1AW at the
    headquarters of the American Radio League (ARRL) in Newington, Connecticut...plus, Amateur Radio Newsline.

    4) BBS Ads for my system, postings REDUCED to once a week. I know
    several systems that post more than once a day...and to me, that's
    OVERKILL. I want folks to logon to the BBS because they WANT to...NOT
    because they have to. I am running the BBS for MY ENJOYMENT, even if
    no one else logs on...as it's one of the last hobbies I can still do,
    due to declining health.

    5) The Doctor Is In -- a local message area, with selected medical
    topics. These will recycle once a month. This area is for Verified
    Users In Good Standing, who are at least 18 years old. It's also
    READ ONLY, and NOT designed to replace information from ones own
    personal physician, specialists, etc.

    6) Monthly Posting Of Selected File Area Listings, where folks can
    logon via anonymous FTP or as GUEST, and download the files.

    7) Monthly Posting Of Echo Descriptions and Rule Postings, on echoes
    that originate from The Thunderbolt BBS.

    The following posts will be, or already are, archived into files
    for download from the BBS, as soon as the schedule permits such:

    A) Clean Comedy
    B) RIP Graphics (these are already in archives for download)
    C) Today's New Gear Tip For Ham Radio
    D) Today's Shack Safety For Ham Radio
    E) Ham Radio And Weather Terms (these are already in archives, and
    in special ham radio and weather doors on the BBS)
    F) Ham Radio Poetry (from my Gospel Poetry Collection)
    G) Gospel Poetry (from my Gospel Poetry Collection)
    H) Ham Radio Humor

    My apologies for any inconvenience...your understanding is greatly appreciated.

    Daryl Stout, WX1DER, Sysop

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