• Friday Ham Radio Nets

    From Daryl Stout@HURRICAN/TBOLT to All on Fri Dec 1 00:05:42 2017
    Here is a list of selected Nets on Friday.

    Other Echolink Nets during the week can be found at:


    Other D-Star Nets during the week can be found at:


    Other XRF Nets and Reflectors can be found at:


    Other CQ100 Nets during the week can be found at:


    If your U.S. location stays on Standard Time year round, the net
    time for your area is ONE HOUR EARLIER, when the rest of the country
    is on Daylight Savings Time.

    Daryl Stout, WX1DER


    Net Name: D-Star Trains And Railroads Net
    Net Time: 8pm Eastern, 7pm Central, 6pm Mountain, 5pm Pacific
    Net Location: Reflector 26, Port A
    Net Control: Daryl, WX1DER (in this case, The Conductor)
    Comments: Revival of a net that met on RF and Echolink in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area for over 8 years...but shut down in early, 2017, due to
    various issues; but, it's now being revived on D-Star.

    It is also done in memory of my late uncle, K3VRM, the youngest engineer
    ever hired on by the Penn Central Railroad, and the only other ham radio operator in my family...who gave me my love of ham radio and trains.

    Topics cover anything and everything related to trains and railroading... whether it's passenger, freight, steam, diesel, excursion, stations,
    depots, museums, signals, fallen flags, abandoned lines, railroad shows, rolling stock (current or heritage), timetables, model and garden
    railroads, etc.

    Special thanks to Ted, VE7LEE, and the British Columbia Frequency
    Modulation Communications Association, for the use of Reflector 26A
    for the net.

    A commemorative certificate, in PDF format, is available, upon checkin.


    Net Name: Memphis Amateur Radio Club D-Star/D-Rats Net
    Net Time: 9:30pm Eastern, 8:30pm Central, 7:30pm Mountain, 6:30pm Pacific
    Net Location: Reflector 58, Port A. Backup Reflector: 67B.
    Net Control: Rick, KA2BSM
    Comments: Net participants also meet in the #Memphis chat room on D-Rats.
    To join the Chat Room in D-Rats, choose Chat, enter Join Channel, type "Memphis" (no quotes), and press <ENTER>. The net is also on in the Memphis Area on the W4LET repeater system. You can also list amateur radio related equipment (D-Star or otherwise) that you want to buy, sell, or trade, on
    this net.

    Special thanks to Ken, WB4FAY, for the use of Reflector 58A for the net.

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