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    From Daryl Stout@HURRICAN/TBOLT to All on Mon Nov 13 23:18:09 2017
    Getting To The Hamfest

    Now, that you've decided to attend a hamfest, the question is "how do I get there??". There will usually be a "talk-in" frequency, to direct you to the hamfest site. Having run these in the past myself, you have to be sure to
    help visitors from out of the area to find the hamfest...and giving good directions is essential.

    The talk-in station should also have basic information about parking, admissions, license exam sessions, forums, demos, exhibits, prizes, etc.

    Another thing to consider is if the hamfest is more than a one day event,
    are the accomodations where you will stay while in town. The large events
    such as Hamvention in Xenia, Ohio...the Huntsville Hamfest in Huntsville, Alabama...and HamCation in Orlando, Florida...all have a HUGE DEMAND for
    rooms, that they usually SELL OUT OVER A YEAR IN ADVANCE...and the room
    rates are NOT cheap...in many cases, well over $100 per night!! And, the closest rooms may be as much as an hour or more away...especially in the
    case of the Hamvention in Xenia, Ohio!!

    Most other hamfest venues and conventions will usually not have this "huge demand", but it's best to not wait until the last minute to book a room.
    Also, check the gasoline prices and locations in the area. You don't need
    to run out of gas, or have vehicle trouble going to or from the hamfest.
    Plus, you also need to be aware of weather conditions and forecasts for
    the hamfest you plan to attend, so the appropriate weather gear can be
    brought along, if need be.

    To find weather forecasts for hamfests around the United States and its territories, go to www.weather.gov -- then click on the desired area of
    the map. You should be then taken to the website of that areas National
    Weather Service office. Once there, check the map for any watches,
    warnings, or advisories, and click on the word LOCAL under the forecasts section on the left site of the page. You can also click on the area of
    the map for a point forecast for that particular location. This way, you
    can pack any needed weather gear.

    Once there, you may have to walk a great distance to, from, and at the
    event itself. So, if you have a disability, bear that in mind. Many places usually have parking for the disabled, but you need to have either a
    license plate or a special hang tag or placard. The local police agencies
    WILL ticket and/or tow your vehicle, if you park in one of these spaces
    without authorization. Hamvention has a limited number of "scooters"
    during the event, for rental by disabled hams, with mobility impairments. Reservations MUST be made IN ADVANCE, and both fees, and disability documentation, will be required...go to www.hamvention.org for details.

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