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    How To Send Packet Messages By Satellite

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    Title : +Messages by Satellite

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    The W0SL satellite gateway has been set up specifically to provide a fast
    means of sending personal mail on foreign routes via the packet satellites.
    No bulletins and no foreign NTS traffic will be forwarded.

    You will need to format the message you wish to send in a particular way.
    As an example, you want to send a message to Jim, 4X1AB, whose Home BBS is 4X1YZ. At your BBS prompt send your message to;

    SP REQSAT @ W0SL [REQuest SATellite at W0SL]
    Rig problems. [Enter the subject as normal]
    SP 4X1AB @ 4X1YZ.ISR.MDLE [Enter the REAL address as the FIRST
    Hi Jim the rig has been.... [line of the message. A SPACE must exist
    text text etc..... [between SP and the first callsign.

    Add the FULL HIERARCHICAL ADDRESS, as shown above, it is REQUIRED for the correct routing of your message. Don't forget the "SP".

    So to sum up, at your BBS prompt enter;


    when asked for the subject enter whatever you like, such as;

    TNC problems again!!!

    When asked for the Message the VERY FIRST LINE must contain the REAL
    address, including the HIERARCHICAL ADDRESS, such as;


    Don't forget the "SP". Do not put anything else on this first line!
    Then on the following line, enter the rest of the message as you would normally, ending with the usual;


    When the message arrives at W0SL it will be automatically re-addressed according to the first line of the message. The subject you entered will
    be the same and ALL the headers will remain, so anyone doing a SR reply
    will have the reply sent back to the BBS you entered the message on.

    N0KFQ July 16, 2000

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