• Selected Ham Websites

    From Daryl Stout@HURRICAN/THUNDER to All on Sat Mar 25 09:38:00 2017

    The following are various ham radio websites. Not all may be operational,
    and they are not in alphabetical order. This was updated Aug. 23, 2016.


    The Pride Of Being A Ham: www.wx1der.com/pri.htm

    The Amateurs Code: www.wx1der.com/cod.htm

    Hamfest Overview: www.wx1der.com/hamfest.htm

    List Of Arkansas Nets: www.wx1der.com/arknets.htm

    List Of Echolink Nets: tinyurl.com/cl439r

    VE Listing Information: www.wx1der.com/velist.htm

    65 Great Things About Ham Radio: www.wx1der.com/65things.htm

    Ham Radio Repeater Database: www.artscipub.com/repeaters

    DX Sherlock: www.vhfdx.net/spots/map.php?Frec=50&Map=NA

    Resources For The Disabled: www.arrl.org/resources-for-the-disabled

    Courage Handi-Hams: www.handiham.org

    HamShack.Com Amateur Radio Links: www.ham-shack.com

    101 Science.Com Ham Radio Links: www.101science.com/amateurradio.htm

    AC6V's Amateur Radio and DX Reference Guide: www.ac6v.com

    American Radio Relay League: www.arrl.org

    W5YI Homepage: www.w5yi.org


    A Ham's Night Before Christmas: www.youtube.com/watch?v=ailFghtEKsc

    Amateur Radio Newsline: www.arnewsline.org

    ARRL Audio News: www.arrl.org/arrl-audio-news

    Radio Amateurs Information Network: www.rainreport.com

    Ham Radio Operator Shack Webcams: www.hamsoncams.com

    W5KUB Webcam: www.w5kub.com

    Nets And Clubs:

    Cabot Nightflyers Net: www.cabotnightflyers.net

    Dallas/Fort Worth NTS Net: www.dfwtrafficnet.org

    Portage County Amateur Radio Service: www.portcars.org

    Central Arkansas Radio Emergency Net: www.carenclub.com

    Study And Exams:

    A Neat Way To Learn Morse Code: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oidt3CYn9cA

    Learn CW (Morse Code) Online: www.lcwo.net

    Ham Test Online: www.hamradiolicensexam.com/index.html

    NC4FB Website - Study And Exams: www.nc4fb.org

    AA9PW Website - Study And Exams: www.aa9pw.com

    QRZ Website - Study And Exams: www.qrz.com/exams

    Ham Exam Website - Study And Exams: www.hamexam.org

    Radio Exam Website - Study And Exams: www.radioexam.org

    National Council Of Volunteer examiner Coordinators: www.ncvec.org

    Current License Exam Question Pools: www.arrl.org/question-pools

    Ham Radio License Certificates: Ham Radio License Certificates

    Callsigns And Licenses:

    FCC Universal Licensing System: wireless.fcc.gov/uls/index.htm?job=home

    QRZ New Hams Search: www.qrz.com/new_hams.html

    Generate A Color Reference Copy Of Your License: www.ae7q.net/Generate.php

    HamData Ham Radio License Search: www.hamdata.com/fccinfo.html

    EQSL Homepage: www.eqsl.cc

    N4MC's Vanity Callsign Homepage: http://www.vanityhq.com


    Tropospheric Ducting Forecast: www.dxinfocentre.com/tropo.html

    VHF Propagation Map: www.mountainlake.k12.mn.us/ham/aprs/path.cgi?map=na

    Ham Radio Propagation Website: www.hfradio.org/propagation.html


    Echolink Homepage: www.echolink.org

    Echolink Addons: homepage.eircom.net/~ei4jr/EchoAddons/EchoAddons.htm

    CQ100 Homepage: www.qsonet.com

    HamSphere Homepage: www.hamsphere.com

    Brief Overview Of Packet Radio: www.wx1der.com/pkt.htm

    Sound Card Packet Radio: www.soundcardpacket.info

    Introduction To Ham Radio Packet: www.choisser.com/packet

    Tucson Amateur Packet Radio (TAPR): www.tapr.org

    AA5AU's RTTY Homepage: www.aa5au.com/rtty.html

    APRS Homepage: www.aprs.org

    PSK31 Homepage: aintel.bi.ehu.es/psk31.html


    Hammin' In The Park: www.wx1der.com/hamnpark.htm

    Field Day: www.arrl.org/field-day

    Hamvention, Dayton, Ohio: www.hamvention.org

    Huntsville Hamfest: www.hamfest.org

    Shreveport Hamfest: www.shreveporthamfest.com


    The Ham Contact: www.hamcontact.com

    Kangaroo Tabor Ham Radio Software: www.taborsoft.com

    Ham Radio Outlet: www.hamradio.com

    Blue Star Antennas: www.bluestarantennas.com

    D And L Antenna Supply: www.dandlantenna.com

    The Sign Man Of Baton Rouge: www.thesignman.com

    Callsign Wear: www.callsignwear.com

    MFJ Enterprises: www.mfjenterprises.com

    Gifts For Hams: www.gifts4hams.com

    Tigertronics (Home Of The SignaLink): www.tigertronics.com

    DX Engineering: www.dxengineering.com

    Fisher Communications: www.fisher-communications.com

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