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    From Kris Jones@HURRICAN to All on Fri Apr 24 05:32:40 2020
    Hello fellow ops and gamers,

    As some of you may or may not know, both of my server machines took a beating the last few weeks. I guess they got COVID-19 :-(

    The server that this machine runs (GatorNet and my main BBS Temple of doom) was an easy fix. However, the other one which was also my personal work machine... Not so lucky.

    Luckily but unfortunatly, I have been out of work since March due to this shut down. I have somehow managed to process game packets with a beta DOS Emulator. So I got the games in X-Leagues back up and going.

    Games will be reset real soon. So if you are a player, accept my appologies! The X is back!

    If you are a sysop and are interested in joining X-Leagues, please e-mail me to my personal address as I do not have the web side of anything ready for online applications. Adress as follows... krisjonesone at gmail dot com

    Kris Jones

    ... Hey! Who took the cork off my lunch??!
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