• PETSCII .seq files?

    From Digital Man@VERT to All on Wed Oct 24 15:35:21 2018
    Anyone know of (or have) archives of Commodore C64 or C128 PETSCII art files (like ANSI art, but using the PETSCII character set/control sequences)? I think I'm looking for .seq files (PabloDraw can open/view/edit them, sort of) - but I'm no Commodore expert. Any help would be appreciated (upload here or just give me a http/ftp link or whatever).


    digital man

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    Re: PETSCII .seq files?
    By: Digital Man to All on Wed Oct 24 2018 03:35 pm

    Found this site... http://mistigris.org/

    I'm downloading some of the art packs to see what I can see...

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