• Fujitsu U820/U2010 Tweaks

    From hseiken@VERT/ABINARY to All on Sun Nov 12 01:00:00 2017
    I have recently resurrected my old Lifebook. I had gotten rid of it as a tinker computer discouraged when the USB slot was physically damaged. Since then, I've regained interest in the machine, using it now in fact, and was wondering if anyone knows much about tweaking the GWA500 graphics in it. I have read nothing but really bad things about this card due to it being not a real intel developed device but outsourced and abandoned with half
    functioning drivers for both windows and linux. Hardware wise, when considering what the card should be able to handle and the mobile cpu taken into consideration, theoretically I should run just about everything from
    2003 or earlier as if I had a high end 2003 desktop. The reality is far different.

    I was wondering if anyone else out there has this fairly obscure machine and come across any really useful tweaks for this machine. So far, Ive put in a 64GBSSD, though the speed increase on bootup was barely noticeable...the difference between traditional and solid state boot drives on every other system Ive made that upgrade to has been ridiculously contrasting in difference. At times, it feels like this machine is unfinished in the driver department...other times, when you find software that 'behaves', it feels
    like the coolest little computer ever. Im looking for things that make that latter feeling happen way more often without just running emulators of other crap all day like typical handheld systems of this type get advertised for.

    Also, has anyone used speedfan and gone through the process of contacting the author to get him to add support for your obscure motherboard? I tried installing speedfan and it seems I am using his software for the first time with this particular machine...Im not even actually sure it will help anything...